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Milford Zornes
Written by Gordon T. McClelland and Austin D. McClelland
Hard Cover
69 Pages
Full Color
© 1991 Hillcrest Press, Inc.
Milford Zornes has established a national reputation as one of the West Coast's preeminent watercolor artists and teachers. This illustrated biography documents his progress from the early 1930s to the present time, providing details of his life and travels and a chronological list of his exhibition records. 
As a leading figure in the California Style watercolor movement, Zornes received much attention for using large sheets of paper, applying the transparent medium with sweeping, broad brush strokes and leaving planned areas where the white paper would show through to define a shape or color.  Essentially, he and other members of the group were "painting" with watercolors in new and creative ways, as opposed to the traditional use of watercolors to add color to detailed pencil drawings.
After his involvement with the California Group and serving as an official artist in World War II, Zornes continued to aggressively pursue a career in fine art.  His unwavering dedication to mastering the difficult watercolor medium led to the large body of outstanding works represented here.